The company operate a chain of ultra-modern bar and restaurants that provides serene of ‘home outside home’ for customers where comfort and splendour is guaranteed. It provided a platform that met the diverse interest, age, grade and class existing within the environment. These ranged from the political class requiring privacy to undergraduates requiring group fraternization. It has serene environment and adequacy security provided round the clock to ensure safety of lives and property.


Qubes Bakery is a response to the existing gap in innovativeness in pastry business which transcend traditional bread, snacks and cakes. We maintain the best of traditional, modern techniques and thinking to ensure that customers’ need and expectations are appropriately met. 

As a company we are focused, well trained and passionate about our products. Our expert team of bakers continue to produce an exceptional range of wholesome breads, pastries and cakes that are breath-taking and deliciously unforgettable under strict hygiene condition.  


Qubes Eatery comes with a difference in taste, quality of food with an amazing experience through its ambience that is full of life. We operate all varieties of food ranging from Continental dishes, african dishes and just recently our Africana section that gives pleasure and delight to our customers by providing all kinds of requested African dishes. 


We offer pastries too as well as all sort of grills such as Sharwarma, barbecue fish and all kinds of fries, we are the go to for a healthy and tasteful meal.


As a company we are focused, well trained and passionate about giving our customers  a delightful taste. Our expert team of Chefs continue to produce an exceptional and deliciously unforgettable prepared meal under strict hygiene condition.

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